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I am so please to write this letter of appreciation for one of your employees. He is an exceptional young man and may I say just a joy to work with. I wash all sales men were as personable and as accommodating as he is. From the moment he approached me, he was never pushy or overwhelming. He took time to listen to me and to get to know me in a kind and gentle way. He educated me on the different types of carpeting but let me lead the way. I never felt rushed to make a decision. In fact, when I said I would probably shop around to find the best price, he cheerfully accepted what I said. Because he was so pleasant and worked hard on my behalf to give me a fair price, I was more than happy to purchase carpeting from your store. My husband and I are so pleased with our new carpeting, that we have decided to do one more room. Thank you for such good service. – Ginny, St Paul, MN

I just wanted to mention the compliment I received from a customer of mine when I was at the home to do the measure. She had said what a great pleasure it was to purchase from Flooring Expo and the service she had received was exceptional. She said she had gone to 2 other retailers and they both “blew her off”. She was just passing Flooring Expo, can in 15 minutes before closing and the manager had to problem with it. He told her all about the sale and what Flooring Expo would do for her and she was so impressed that she purchased new carpeting. – Jean, Maplewood, MN

We had another customer who purchased vinyl from Flooring Expo in May and they told us they came back to Flooring Expo because last year we installed the floor in their bathroom and the other retailers blew the off.

We are writing this letter to let you know what a marvelous representative of your company you have. He installed laminate flooring just one week ago. This young man is an absolute credit to your company! The work that he did was, as far as we could determine, absolutely flawless! He is an extremely hard worker and he gave us the impression that he would settle for no less than perfection. Not only was he a hard working individual, he was such a pleasant, well-mannered young man. Every bit a gentleman!! We just can’t say enough good about him. I don’t know what extra recognition you give to employees, but in our opinion he is what makes a company great. We would hope that he would either receive a token of appreciation is his pay envelope or something worthwhile in recognition of the fine employee he is. – Gerald, Lino Lakes, MN

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for a Wonderful Shopping Experience! Due to family illness I am faced with remodeling my parent’s home and getting it ready for re-sale. I have watched HGTV for years and assumed I would be a Pro at doing this, but it has gotten much harder than I expected. i see thing i like and then questions if these things will be right for a prospective buyer. I have shopped and visited stored all over the Twin Cities looking for ideas, and have talked to anyone that would listen, trying to figure out what to do If it was right for my needs. It wasn’t until I visited you store in Maplewood that things started to come together. I walked in wearing old clothes and your Manager and her assistant were right there to help me and answer all my questions. The reason I bring up that I was in old clothes is that so many associated pre-judge their customer, but not these young ladies! I am a former Retail District Manager (20+ years) and WILL NOT BUY from a company that does not provide excellent customer service, and these young ladies have gone above and beyond. they explained the differences in tiles, and my other flooring options. They helped me with color coordination and they introduced me to the people next store that could help em with my painting needs. Bottom line the did everything that one would/could hope for, but rarely sees in retail today. You are lucky that I am no longer in retail and I would certainly recruit these young ladies away from you if I were still in the business. You have a great store, and a great staff and I look forward to taking care of all my remodeling needs with your company, at the Maplewood store! Randy, St Paul, MN

The manager there was very nice and directed is to what we needed. He got to know us first and got more knowledgeable about our needs. We managed to have a great carpet, pad, installed, and measurements. Thank you Flooring Expo! Maher, Maple Grove, MN

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