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    Minnesota Natural Stone Flooring Company

    To purchase or to learn about the Minnesota natural stone flooring options offered by Carpet King, visit our products page or stop by one of our Minneapolis – St. Paul area locations. You can also contact us online or by phone at 612-588-9999.



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    Natural Stone Flooring


    Natural stone is one of the most exceptional materials for flooring and countertops. Stone flooring, especially, is notable for its suitability in private residences, commercial spaces, and offices. Many stone floor types are inherently resistant to stains. Softer and more permeable stones can be stain-resistant for up to a decade as long as they are properly treated.

    Natural Stone Flooring


    Natural stone flooring is extremely durable. Every stone is unique, but the toughest types include slate, granite, and quartz. These materials seldom crack or scratch and they can last for generations. You not need many exclusive products to clean your natural stone flooring. Generally, all that is required is dry mopping and intermittent wet mopping with a detergent.

    Natural Stone Flooring

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Not much can beat the attractiveness of natural stone flooring, and there are endless colors and pattern options available. Exclusive mineral composition and formation conditions make every floor distinctive. Finishes can be glossy, muted, or textured, based on your taste. If you would like to learn more about natural stone flooring, contact Carpet King today!