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    Flooring Expo by Carpet King sells and arranges the installation of premium vinyl flooring in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, and we have served Minnesota home and business owners for more than 70 years.

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    Safe and Resilient

    Most home and business owners prefer vinyl flooring because it is exceptionally easy to clean and is resilient against bacteria. With vinyl, there is no spot for germs to settle in. If a friend, family member or employee is suffering from allergies, you can help alleviate their symptoms by installing vinyl flooring. It is a perfect floor if you have children at home because it is resistant to germs.

    Vinyl comes with water resistant capabilities and literally seamless features. Additionally, those who install vinyl flooring rarely have to deal with stains. As long as it is properly cleaned, marks and spots are easy to remove.

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    Affordable and Comfortable

    Vinyl can be very economical. The product, finishing moldings and the installation combined will undoubtedly save you money when compared to other flooring options. It is generally easy to install, and because it will last for years, you will save money on installation. Vinyl comes with a host of designs that you can choose from, all of which you can pick out based on your personal preferences and tastes.

    Vinyl is very comfortable to stand on, even without shoes. This is usually a result of no-slip sheets that are placed on the real sheets of vinyl. Nevertheless, the material is very accommodating to your feet.

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    Want to Learn More?

    Vinyl makes a great addition in anyone’s home or office because it is tremendously durable and resilient. Of course, it is important that you understand that its durability is greatly reliant on on the method in which you lay it out. If this complicated procedure is performed properly, the vinyl will most likely last for several years. As a result, aside from lessening your concerns of wear and tear, flooring will reduce your costs.

    To learn more about the vinyl flooring offered by Carpet King, or to make a purchase, visit our products page or one of our Twin Cities locations. You can also contact us online or by calling 612-588-9999.