Choosing a Hardwood Color That Best Fits Your Space

The hardwood color you choose can dramatically change the ambiance of a room. At times it can be overwhelming deciding on a shade of hardwood. Here are a few differences that may help you make your decision easier.

Light Hardwood Color

Lightwood can make the home open up. The light shade can make the home feel bigger and brighter. We don’t always recommend light wood for a large home because it can make the home feel too large. The benefit of light wood is it’s easy to keep clean. Dust and dirt show up far less on lighter wood. Light hardwood will also show fewer scratches. 

Dark Hardwood Color

Dark wood’s benefit is its ability to make your home feel more comfortable. This allows for a more welcoming feeling. Dark wood does show more dust and dirt than light wood so it does take more cleaning upkeep. A Dark hardwood does a better job of hiding imperfection in the wood. 

What will serve your lifestyle best?

There are lots of questions you can ask yourself when determining what floor will serve your lifestyle.  What will you be using to decorate? A great way to decide is to determine how you will be filling the space. What furniture are you hoping to place in the space? Decide what hardwood color will mesh best with the couch, table or chairs you chose.  What is lighting like in your space? For a low-light room, light wood can be a great option to brighten the room. 

When it comes down to it the best hardwood for you choose whatever you are most excited about.

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