Why Should You Consider Placing an Area Rug in Your Apartment?

When you rent an apartment, most often it comes without furnishings or decorations. This includes rugs and carpets. Getting a rug for your apartment is a great idea, as it comes with several benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a rug for your apartment.


Sometimes, carpets or rugs are the first things someone notices in a room. They provide a splash of color and texture to a bare floor, and can help tie a room together. They come in a large selection of colors, shapes, patterns, and materials. That way, you are sure to find one that is right for any room in your apartment. If you are looking for a pop, then a bold color, such as bright orange, might be the right pick for you. For a more understated look and feel, go with a neutral color, such as beige. Even just placing a dark rug in a brightly colored room can draw the eye.


Bare floors can be slippery and pose a safety hazard, especially for children. Having a runner along long hallways or on stairs can go a long way towards preventing injuries. Mats in kitchens and bathrooms will help prevent slips and falls from wet floors. To keep a rug firmly in place, put liners underneath so they don’t move when people step on them.

To Hide Imperfections

Even if you are renting, you still want your home to look nice and to be able to show it off. Sometimes floors in rental units are more economical and have imperfections. Using rugs is a great way to hide those imperfections and make your floors look less utilitarian.

Noise Reduction

Many people do not realize that rugs can muffle sound. If you are in an apartment, not only can you hear when your neighbors are making noise, but they can hear you. A rug will help prevent banging noises on your floor, which your downstairs neighbors will certainly appreciate.

These are just a few of the benefits. On top of all those, rugs can keep your feet from being shocked on cold mornings, and provide more comfort to walk on. If you are living in an apartment, there’s simply no reason not to spruce things up with some rugs throughout your home.

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