Designing a New House

You just bought a new house. You are beyond excited with all the opportunity that comes with all this new space. Whether you are a first-time buyer or just excited about this exciting change, designing your new home is something to be thrilled about. This process is fun so enjoy it! We have been there and have a few tips for tackling the interior design process like a pro. 

Create a budget for your new house.

Creating a budget is a great place to start. This allows you to comfortably make decisions and start the process with a plan.

Create a Pinterest board.

We can not recommend Pinterest enough. Whether it is finding the style of flooring you’ll love or determining what colors you are hoping to paint your walls Pinterest is a great place to compile all your ideas in one place.  We absolutely love when customers come in excited about all of their interior decor plans that they have strategically laid out on Pinterest board. And who doesn’t love a good mood board? Whether you have been dreaming of a bright orange couch or a stunning oak dining room table we can help you find the perfect flooring match. 

Measure your new house.

We are happy to measure your home for you so it is guaranteed to be done professionally and accurately. When you schedule a Shop-at-Home appointment we bring the showroom to you. It’s convenient and easy. We help you find the best fit for you and even provide complimentary decorating advice.

Decide the order of installation.

If you are getting your ceiling re-done you don’t want the ladders to scratch up your brand new floors. So think about the best course of action for your home improvements. We recommend painting the ceilings first, then ripping up the flooring, installing flooring and finally painting the walls. If you are replacing doors we recommend you do that after flooring as well. We know every how improvement project looks different so if you are not confident we are happy to help find a timeline that best fits your projects. 

Think practically.

The floors we sell are of the highest quality are made to last you for years to come. It is easy to think it is the now but consider what your life will look like in the future. Are you planning on having kids? Does a cute puppy sound like something you won’t be able to say no to? You don’t have to give up the elegant look you have always dreamed of while still prioritizing practicality. We have stunning carpet with stain resistance and beautiful waterproof flooring that is a great fit for any room in your home. Not sure what floors will best fit your needs? Make a list of your top priorities and think about what kind of traffic your home sees. From there, our flooring specialists are more than happy to help you determine a fit that is right for you. 

Keep this process fun!

It can be easy to get overwhelmed but the process is simple when you take it step by step. We have tons of options to chose from but we are here to help you make an informed decision about what flooring best fits your needs. So that all you have to think about is what flooring you think looks best. Upgrading your home is incredibly exciting and we are ready to help you through the process.