Effective Ways to Prevent the Accumulation of Dirt in Your Carpet

It is more than likely that your home experiences a significant amount of foot traffic. You, your family and your guests consistently track in dirt and grass that ends up settling in your carpet. In order to maintain a healthy and clean home, it is recommended that you put your knowledge on how to properly maintain your carpets to use. If you need some help, do not hesitate to follow the following carpet cleaning and tips.

One of the fundamental dirty-carpet prevention strategies involves requesting that your visitors remove their shoes before stepping into the house. Shoes are literally the most common source of tracked-in grass and dirt. Wearing shoes while inside the house can deplete the lifespan of your carpets, leading to patches and other sources of material decay. So if you want to have clean and long-lasting carpets, the best method to follow is to employ strict “no shoes” policy.

Putting in place runners and mats in the areas of your home that experience high levels of foot traffic is another way to protect your carpeting from both dirt and wear-and-tear. Placing doormats near your home’s entry points can serve as a good incentive for your visitors to take off their shoes. Even if you allow your visitors to wear shoes, doormats will provide them with a place where they can dust them off.

As most homeowners will tell you, despite your best efforts to prevent people from tracking in dirt and debris onto your carpet, the buildup of dirt will still happen. One of the best ways to reduce the impact of dirt accumulation on your carpet is by regularly vacuuming and cleaning.

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