Benefits of Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a versatile alternative to traditional solid hardwood. This type of flooring consists of a multi-ply construction that includes a thick top layer of real wood, a high-density inner core, and a hardwood backing. This allows the flooring to offer superior strength & flexibility. All while offering a lower price point. Engineered hardwood can also be refinished, but only a few times. Here are just a few perks that we find this flooring option offers. 

Engineered hardwood has the appearance of a natural hardwood floor.

For those looking to obtain a stunning hardwood look without the expensive price tag, this product is a great option. Engineered hardwood is a perfect option for those living in Minneoplis and St. Paul, MN. Homeowners can obtain that beautiful hardwood look in a flooring product that can withstand the Minnesota climate. 

It offers greater strength and stability.

Another great thing about this flooring is that it is made of three main layers. The top layer is thick real wood that allows for that beautiful and elegant hardwood appearance. Next is a high-density inner core which is the reason for the impressive durability and strength this product offers. Finally is the hardwood backing. The three layers come together to create a stronger and more durable surface than other types of wood flooring, including solid wood and multilayer.

Engineered hardwood is easy installation.

Additionally, this product is easy to install. Our professional flooring installers will provide a quick and professional installation that will allow you to get back to living in your space faster. We always recommend you have your floors professionally installed to ensure quality and long life for your floors.

A lower price point than real hardwood.

Finally, this product is highly sought after for its lower price point than the compared real hardwood even though it offers a lot of perks comparatively. As a whole engineered hardwood offers great value for a quality product that will look amazing and last for years. 

Interested in learning more about engineered hardwood and if it is the right flooring for your home? Call or schedule a free in-home consultation and we’ll bring the showroom to you so you can shop from the comfort of your home.