Establishing an Interior Design Style

Whether your next home improvement project is just your living room or your entire home establishing an interior design style that you love is important. Not everyone has an eye for interior design and we totally understand that. That is why we are here to help you find your style.

Starting the process

When you are starting to determine your style finding inspiration is the best way to start. We can not recommend Pinterest enough. Pinterest is a social media platform that allows you to look through various design styles and save them to various “boards” so you can organize the various styles you are considering.

Making decisions

If you are struggling to find a set style consider basing your decision around something you love. If you found the perfect hardwood flooring you can not live without designing your room around that color. If you have a beautiful dining room table that you will never get rid of design around that piece. 

Finding the flooring to match the aesthetic you choose

Once you establish a style it should be easy to find a flooring to match. If you are still unsure our design consultants can give beautiful recommendations. Consider showing our team your Pinterest board. They can take the look you love and ask practical questions to find a flooring that looks great and will withstand the wear and tear of your daily life. 

Upgrading your home and establishing an interior design style is an incredibly fun and exciting process. So let Flooring Expo take any of the stress out of the process. If you get stuck on any step in the process just ask. We have the experience that can save you time and we want to help. Give us a call or visit any of our 11 Minneapolis, Minnesota showrooms to start the process.