Tips on Keeping the Floors Clean in the Winter

During the wintry months, floor care is important to ensure the safety and longevity of your flooring and home. Here are five tips for winter floor care:

1. Stay on top of floor cleaning – If you’re like most people, floor care is the last thing on your mind during the winter months. However, floor cleaning is a year-round job and a floor that hasn’t been properly cleaned for an extended period can be a serious concern.

2. Clean flooring with the right products – Because floor care is a year-round job, floor cleaners should be selected carefully. Floor cleaners that are designed for summer floor care often contain ingredients that can damage flooring surfaces when used during the winter months. Look for floor cleaners that are winter floor care safe.

3. Remove salt from floors – Salt is the #1-floor care enemy of flooring. Salt is extremely corrosive and as it interacts with flooring surfaces, it can damage flooring materials and leave a white residue that’s difficult to remove.

4. Sweep away snow – When it’s time to remove snow from flooring, don’t use a floor mop or floor attachment on a floor machine. A floor mop or floor brush won’t remove snow from flooring, and if the floor goes through a defrost cycle, it can cause floor damage.

5. Keep flooring surfaces pristine – As the winter months continue, floor care is essential to ensure that flooring surfaces remain in top shape.