Why Fall is the Best Season for Hardwood Floor Installation

If you are looking to replace your home’s flooring with newly installed hardwood floors, you might be wondering when the best time of the year to install them is. You want to make sure your home is in the best condition when it comes to installation. Since hardwood floors are susceptible to humidity levels, there are times of the year where it is wiser to install. And the best season is fall.

Fall is The Best Season

There are many reasons why installing hardwood floors in Autumn is the most ideal time. Many families, host holidays and gatherings for the upcoming winter season. Tackling a renovation project before Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive ensures that your home’s floors are done right on time.

The Weather is Right

The weather is the right blend of temperature and humidity for hardwood floor installation. When humidity levels are too high, it can result in cracking or warping, which will cause significant damage. Summers in Minnesota can be incredibly humid, and it isn’t that uncommon for hardwood floor installations to experience issues from the heat and humidity. While you can control the temperature in your home, with people coming and going during the installation, the humidity and heat levels might be too difficult to control in the summer and winter months.

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